December 2023 Community Updates

Posted By on December 11, 2023

Holiday Schedule

Action Property Management and Citymark Building Services will be closed on Friday, December 22nd and Monday, December 25th in observance of the holidays. If you have an emergency, such as a fire, leak, or flood, please contact Community Care at (800)400-2284.

Lock Box Audit

There is an excessive amount of lock boxes being stored in the lockbox cabinet. Management will be conducting a lockbox audit to remove unregistered lockboxes. All lockboxes must be registered prior to being placed in the cabinet. A time period for the lock box must be provided. No lock box may be stored for longer than 90 days without re-registering their lockbox. Please contact Management at to register your lock box by Monday, January 8, 2024. On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, all unregistered lockboxes will be cut off without notice.

Holiday Décor

As a reminder, all holiday decorations should be removed from doors and balconies by Monday, January 8th.

Holiday Tree Removal

When discarding trees, please discard them offsite and be sure to clean up pine needles that your tree leaves behind. Trees cannot be discarded in Association bins.

Breaking Down Boxes and Bulk Item Disposal

All boxes regardless of size must be broken down prior to being discarded. In addition, bulk items must be discarded offsite and not in an Association bin. The Association does not offer bulk item disposal. If you are witnessed discarding a bulk item within the Association, you will be called to a Hearing.

Please note that the Association receives overage fees for refuse and recycling exceeding the height of the bin which contributes to the increase in assessments annually.

Pets on Balconies

As a reminder, please do not leave your pets unattended on balconies, patios, or decks for any duration of time.


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