Water Intrusion Protocol Information

Posted By on August 22, 2016

We would like to provide you with a protocol to follow in the event your unit sustains water damage and/or a back-up. We understand plumbing issues typically occur at inopportune times, so we have prepared a step by step plan for your reference.

If a leak occurs during normal business hours…

1. If you notice a leak, back-up, or water damage during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) please contact the onsite office immediately at 619-595-0003.

2. If no one is available to take your call in the onsite office, please immediately call Action Property Management’s Community Care Department at (800) 400-2284. Your call will be routed to a live representative that can provide you with immediate assistance.

If a leak occurs after hours…

1. As soon as you notice water, immediately call (800) 400-2284. You will hear Action Property Management’s message. Press “1” to be directed to a live person.

2. Provide the answering service with as much pertinent information as possible. Make sure to include the following:

Your Name

Your Unit

Contact Phone Number

Where the water is coming from (ie ceiling, toilet overflow, kitchen sink)

What to expect when I call Action:

You will reach Actions dispatch center, where a representative will contact the afterhours Community Manager for Park East. Once you receive a call back from the on call manager, you can provide further information regarding your plumbing issue. The Community Manager will then call the appropriate vendor out to provide service as soon as possible. Although we will make every effort to call you back immediately, there may be a brief delay. So for immediate plumbing assistance you can call the buildings preferred vendor California Comfort Systems at 858-564-1150 in conjunction with your call to Management.


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