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Community Updates - November 2022


In observance of Thanksgiving, Action Property Management and Citymark Engineering will be closed Thursday, November 24, 2022 – Friday, November 25, 2022. In the event of a maintenance emergency, such as a flood, please contact Action Property Management at 800-400-2284. 

Breaking Down Boxes

When discarding boxes in the recycling bins, please be sure to break down the boxes first as they take up a lot of room and result in overage charges for the Association.


As a reminder, Pet Owners are responsible for the immediate removal of any pet waste deposited by their pets while traveling through the Association.

Contact Information

In the event you change your email address, mailing address, or phone number, please remember to advise management. This allows us to continue to communicate important reminders to you!


If you are renting out your unit, you are required to provide Management with a copy of your tenant’s lease.

Large Bulk Item Pickups

Large Bulk Item pickups must be scheduled for pick up and are at cost to the Owner of the bulk item. Do not discard them without scheduling prior.

Entry Doors and Garage Gate:

Management would like to remind residents to refrain from providing access to unknown individuals. If you receive a call from the call box, please do not buzz anyone in unless you have confirmed the individual’s identity. If you encounter individuals at the door that do not have a key fob, please ask them to use the call box to contact the resident they are visiting. Also, please ensure the garage gate closes behind you before continuing down the garage ramp and into the secondary roll-up gate. 

Residents should avoid tailgating other vehicles into the garage instead of using their own remote to open the gate as it could cause damage to the gate and/or vehicle

Preferred Vendor List

The Park Boulevard Board of Directors and Management has compiled a list of preferred vendors to further assist homeowners in choosing a vendor to complete necessary repairs within their units. Here you will find contact information for plumbers, HVAC technicians, painters, and a variety of other vendors that we feel will be useful to residents at Park Boulevard West.

2022 Padres Game Schedule

Residents will see an increase in traffic in the neighborhood during Padres home games. Please plan ahead!

Downtown Contact List

¡Oktoberfiesta! September 30th, 4pm-7pm

National Night Out Event

Road Closure Reminder: Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon June 4, 2017

6.4.17 Marathon Notice

Garage Closure Notice

West Garage Drain Jetting and Power Washing - Parking Access

Fire Alarm and Water Leak Update

Dear Park Blvd. West residents,

At approximately 7:50 P.M. on March 11, a fire alarm sounded. The cause of the alarm was excessive dust caused during restoration efforts underway on the first floor of Building 1.

The owner of the restoration company has promised that his crew will increase ventilation fans in order to reduce dust in the hallway (which is where the alarm was activated). He will also be onsite for the remainder of the work in the hallway to make sure dust does not reach concentrated levels.

Also, it has come to my attention by some in the community that I have not communicated enough during this latest crisis, and for that I apologize. This last week was my first official week as the Association’s General Manager, and while I have been tirelessly working to have the 10 units affected, restored; I realize it is equally important to keep everyone else up to date on the progress and details that follow this kind of event.

Therefore, in order to bring everyone current, please see the below timeline of information regarding the water leak:
• March 7th, at 2:40 P.M. an alarm sounded throughout the entire building of Park Blvd. West due to a sprinkler pipe break, that resulted in 13 affected units (10 severely).
• Water caused additional damage to smoke detectors on floor 1, that resulted in subsequent false alarms.
• Both the original broken pipe and damaged detectors have been repaired.
• XYG Services began water remediation within 45 minutes of the initial leak and were able to access all of the units flooded in order to prevent further damage from occurring to the building.
• Due to the severity of the water leak, most of the residents on the first floor of Building 1, have been displaced, in order for repairs to be made to their units.
• An insurance claim has been filed on behalf of the association and the homeowners affected, with the intention of subrogating against the company responsible for the initial sprinkler pipe repair.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience the fire alarms have been causing, and will do everything in my power to prevent false alarms, as well as expedite the restoration process.

I wish my first interactions with you all were under more positive circumstances, but I am hopeful that you will see my devotion in the face of difficulty to the well-being of your property and community.

With sincerest regards,

Welcome New General Manager

Good afternoon everyone,

Please welcome our new General Manager, Chaz Blackledge, to the community.  He will seamlessly transition management responsibilities and be the primary point of contact for all association matters effective today.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and everyone one of you in the community and am looking forward to my new opportunity managing a high-rise locally with Action Property Management.


Chaz Blackledge, General Manager

You may reach Chaz via email at or office phone: 619-595-0003.

Stop by the Management Office to say hello and introduce yourself!

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