SDGE Power Outage Update and Helpful Information

Posted By on January 6, 2017

SDGE made the necessary repairs today 1/6/17 around 12:00pm and the power to the building has been turned back on. For future power outages, please refer to a list of things below you can expect when the power is out and information on how to enter and exit the building.

1) The elevators will no longer work, you will need to take the stairs either out of the building or to the garage. Please check the emergency escape information located by each elevator to ensure you know where the closest stairwell/exit is.

2) If it is dark, take a flash lite or cell phone with you in case you cannot find your way out of the building when it is pitch black. If the outage is during the overnight security hours you can contact them for an escort 619-846-7049.

3) When there is a power outage, the buildings hall/stairwell lights and fob system will only work for roughly 90 minutes, if the outage is longer than that, you will need to enter through the garage entrances (which will pop open when the power is off) and/or in to the stairwell to access your unit. You will need to have a common area key if the power is out for extended periods, as the elevators and fobbed entrances will not work until they are reset. If you do not have a common area key please contact Management at your earliest convenience to obtain one.

4) Keep the refrigerator closed and unplug appliances if possible. The boiler and booster pumps will also not operate and will take a couple hours after the power comes back on for the hot water to circulate throughout the building.

If you did not receive email updates throughout the day, please contact management at to be added to the email distribution list.


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