January Building Reminders

Posted By on January 3, 2017


Barbecues are permitted on balconies and patios only if they operate on propane or electricity. All other types of barbecues are expressly prohibited. Homeowners are requested to make every effort to minimize smoke and/or odors while barbequing to avoid disturbing any neighboring residents when using barbecues, take care to insure the barbecue is a safe distance from all other items including walls to avoid damage or fire. Owners are responsible for any damage caused to community property from the use of barbecues.

Garage Roll Up Gate Emergency Button

Management noticed on several occasions that people have been pressing the emergency stop button on the roll up door. This will cause the door to reset and ultimately malfunction if not reset properly. If you notice an issue with the garage door, please call or email the manager as if we notice an issue with the garage door after someone disables the door, that person can be liable for the cost of the service call to fix the gate.

Cigarette Disposal and Damage

It has been noticed recently that the awnings above the commercial units on Park Blvd are getting damaged by cigarettes that are being thrown over patios/balconies on to the awnings below. These awnings were just recently replaced and now are in need of getting replaced again. This replacement is very costly and comes out of Association funds. If any residents are noticed exhibiting this behavior, you will be called to a hearing and fined for the violation and damage.

Trash Chute Back-Ups and Large Item Removal

It has been noticed on a few recent occasions that the trash chute has been getting backed up by large boxes or oversized bags. Please ensure that all items fit in the chute prior to disposal and take any large cardboard or Styrofoam down to the bins in the garage. This will help prevent any damage to the system and assist from having any long delays in using the chute.


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