5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection **Mandatory****

Posted By on August 22, 2016

Dear Resident(s),

Park Boulevard West is currently due for its 5-year fire sprinkler inspection as required by California Title 19 and NFPA 25. During this inspection we are required to visually inspect all fire sprinkler heads inside of units on the property.

You have the following options for service in your unit:

1. Be home. Please check the schedule below for your appointment time.

2. Provide a key to management. Please check to make sure you have an up to date key on file.

Unit’s 1409 through 1516 8-10am on Tuesday 9/6/16

Unit’s 1303 through 1408 10-12pm on Tuesday 9/6/16

Unit’s 1110 through 1302 12-2pm on Tuesday 9/6/16

Unit’s 1101 through 1108 12-2pm on Tuesday 9/6/16

Unit’s 2502 through 2612 8-10am on Wednesday 9/7/16

Unit’s 2301 through 2501 10-12pm on Wednesday9/7/16

Unit’s 2101 through 2212 12-2pm on Wednesday 9/7/16

If you cannot provide access to your unit a locksmith will be utilized to enter on Thursday, September 8th. A locksmith charge of $100 will be assessed to your account.

Please contact the management office should you have any questions.


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